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2020 Summer Day Camp Schedule

Registration opens from February to April 2020. We will update links when registration goes live.
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June Courses:

Registration Class Name District Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register Virtual Reality Development with Oculus Rift98Otter Lake ElementaryJun 8Jun 109:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Web Development & Coding20OnlineJun 8Jun 119:00am10:15am1st-5th
Register Video Game Design20OnlineJun 8Jun 1111:15am12:30pm4th-8th
Register Web Development & Coding98Sunrise Middle SchoolJun 8Jun 101:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Video Game Design jr & Lego Robotics20OnlineJun 8Jun 112:15pm3:30pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Engineering: Pico57Plymouth MiddleJun 15Jun 199:00am11:30am1st-3rd
Register Web Development & Coding104Tech AcademyJun 15Jun 189:00am10:30am1st-5th
Register Robotics: Star Wars Battle-Droids57Plymouth MiddleJun 15Jun 199:30am11:00am3rd-5th
Register Motorized Engineering: Forces & Levers60Falcon Ridge MiddleJun 15Jun 1810:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Coming Soon Wedo Robotic Engineering66TBDJun 15Jun 1810:00am12:00pm4th-5th
Register Video Game Design104Tech AcademyJun 15Jun 1810:45am12:15pm4th-8th
Register Video Game Coding: Star Wars20OnlineJun 15Jun 1811:15am12:30pm3rd-6th
Register Advanced Engineering: Roller Coasters60TBDJun 15Jun 182:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Video Game Design jr & Lego Robotics104Tech AcademyJun 22Jun 259:00am10:30am1st-5th
Register Wedo Robotic Engineering48TBDJun 22Jun 259:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Clay Animation57Plymouth MiddleJun 22Jun 269:30am11:00am1st-3rd
Coming Soon Robotics & Engineering67Shoreview Community CenterJun 22Jun 2510:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Video Game Design jr & Lego Robotics60Falcon Ridge MiddleJun 22Jun 2510:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Video Production for YouTube93Meadow Ridge ElementaryJun 22Jun 2510:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Wedo Robotic Engineering60Falcon Ridge MiddleJun 22Jun 2510:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Robotics: Star Wars Battle-Droids104Tech AcademyJun 22Jun 2510:45am12:15pm2nd-6th
Register Video Game Design: Nintendo Characters57Plymouth MiddleJun 22Jun 2612:00pm1:30pm6th-9th
Register Clay Animation48TBDJun 22Jun 251:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Wedo Robotic Engineering20OnlineJun 22Jun 251:00pm2:15pm3rd-6th
Register Junior Engineering: Wheels & Gears60Falcon Ridge MiddleJun 22Jun 252:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Robotic Builders: Rock N Roll Robots86Oak-Land Middle SchoolJun 22Jun 252:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Coming Soon Ziplines & Battlers53TBDJun 26Jun 269:00am2:00pm3rd-7th
Register STEAM Makerspace for Girls93Meadow Ridge ElementaryJun 26Jun 2610:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register 60Falcon Ridge MiddleJun 26Jun 2610:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register Lego Robotics93Meadow Ridge ElementaryJun 29Jul 29:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Video Game Coding: Star Wars104Tech AcademyJun 29Jul 29:00am10:30am2nd-6th
Register Knex Engineering: Wheels & Dragsters60Falcon Ridge MiddleJun 29Jul 210:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Knex Engineering: Wheels & Dragsters98Oneka ElementaryJun 29Jul 110:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotics & Engineering60Falcon Ridge MiddleJun 29Jul 210:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Coming Soon Video Production for YouTube66TBDJun 29Jul 210:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Robotics: Amusement Parks104Tech AcademyJun 29Jul 210:45am12:15pm3rd-6th
Register Junior Engineering: Wheels & Gears30Eisenhower ElementaryJun 29Jul 22:00pm4:00pm4th-6th
Register Minecraft Multiplayer: City Builder98Otter Lake ElementaryJun 29Jul 12:00pm4:00pm1st-3rd
Coming Soon Web Development & Coding66TBDJun 29Jul 22:00pm4:00pm1st-5th

July Courses:

Registration Class Name Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register Video Production for YouTubeOak Point ElementaryJul 6Jul 99:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Web Development & CodingPlymouth MiddleJul 6Jul 109:30am11:00am1st-5th
Register Private Event/ClassFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 6Jul 910:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Video Game Design: Nintendo CharactersMeadow Ridge ElementaryJul 6Jul 910:00am12:00pm4th-7th
Register Video Production for YouTubeEisenhower ElementaryJul 6Jul 910:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Wedo Robotic EngineeringPlymouth MiddleJul 6Jul 1010:30am12:00pm6th-9th
Register Web Development & CodingPlymouth MiddleJul 6Jul 1011:45am12:15pm1st-5th
Register Virtual Reality Development with Oculus RiftPlymouth MiddleJul 6Jul 101:00pm2:30pm6th-9th
Register To be scheduledBlake: Minneapolis CampusJul 6Jul 91:30pm3:30pm6th-9th
Register Virtual Reality Development with Oculus RiftEisenhower ElementaryJul 6Jul 92:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Virtual Reality Development with Oculus RiftOak Point ElementaryJul 6Jul 92:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Virtual Reality Development with Oculus RiftFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 6Jul 92:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register TBDJul 10Jul 109:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: GearsMeadow Ridge ElementaryJul 10Jul 1010:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register Robotics: Star Wars Droid BuilderFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 10Jul 1010:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register STEAM Makerspace for GirlsMinnetonka Community Ed CenterJul 10Jul 1010:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register Intro to Java CodingScenic Heights ElementaryJul 13Jul 169:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Lego RoboticsEisenhower ElementaryJul 13Jul 169:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Ultimate Game CodingTech AcademyJul 13Jul 169:00am10:30am1st-5th
Register DC/Marvel Comic Movie MakingPlymouth MiddleJul 13Jul 179:30am11:00am1st-3rd
Register Intro to Java CodingBrookview ElementaryJul 13Jul 1610:00am12:00pm1st-4th
Register Lego RoboticsOak Point ElementaryJul 13Jul 1610:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Coming Soon Motorized Engineering: Forces & LeversShoreview Community CenterJul 13Jul 1610:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Motorized Engineering: Forces & LeversMeadow Ridge ElementaryJul 13Jul 1610:00am12:00pm4th-7th
Register Video Game Design: Nintendo CharactersFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 13Jul 1610:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Wedo Robotic EngineeringTech AcademyJul 13Jul 1610:45am12:15pm3rd-6th
Register DC/Marvel Comic Movie MakingPlymouth MiddleJul 13Jul 1712:00pm1:30pm3rd-5th
Register Clay AnimationOak Point ElementaryJul 13Jul 161:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register DC/Marvel Comic Movie MakingScenic Heights ElementaryJul 13Jul 161:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Mobile Game Development for IOS & AndroidOlson MiddleJul 13Jul 171:30pm3:30pm4th-7th
Register Movie MakerBlake: Minneapolis CampusJul 13Jul 161:30pm3:30pm6th-9th
Register Clay AnimationFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 13Jul 162:00pm4:00pmk-3rd
Register Wedo Robotic EngineeringBrookview ElementaryJul 13Jul 162:00pm4:00pm4th-7th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: GearsMinnetonka Community Ed CenterJul 17Jul 1710:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register STEAM Makerspace for GirlsBloomington Community Ed CampusJul 17Jul 1710:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register TBDJul 17Jul 1710:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register Tech AcademyJul 20Jul 239:00am10:30am
Register Video Game Design: Nintendo CharactersOak Point ElementaryJul 20Jul 239:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Coming Soon Ziplines & BattlersSaint Ambrose of WoodburyJul 20Jul 249:00am10:30am1st-4th
Register Intro to Java CodingMeadow Ridge ElementaryJul 20Jul 2310:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotic Builders: Rock N Roll RobotsFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 20Jul 2310:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Robotic Construction: Movers & ShakersMeadow Ridge ElementaryJul 20Jul 2310:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register VEX Robotics: Engineering and CodingStillwater Junior HighJul 20Jul 2310:00am12:00pm1st-4th
Coming Soon VEX Robotics: Engineering and CodingSaint Ambrose of WoodburyJul 20Jul 2410:40am12:10pm1st-5th
Register Robotics: RC SpybotsTech AcademyJul 20Jul 2310:45am12:15pm5th-10th
Register Junior Engineering: WheelsFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 20Jul 231:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyOak Point ElementaryJul 20Jul 231:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Virtual Reality Development with Oculus RiftStillwater Junior HighJul 20Jul 231:00pm4:00pm1st-4th
Coming Soon Video Game Coding: Super MarioSaint Ambrose of WoodburyJul 20Jul 242:00pm2:30pm1st-4th
Coming Soon Robotics: Star Wars Droid BuilderTBDJul 24Jul 2410:00am11:00am4-6
Register STEAM Makerspace for GirlsFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 24Jul 2410:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register Minnetonka Community Ed CenterJul 24Jul 2410:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register Wedo Robotic EngineeringStillwater Junior HighJul 27Jul 307:00pm6:00pm3rd-7th
Register Robotic Builders: Rock N Roll RobotsTech AcademyJul 27Jul 309:00am10:30am3rd-6th
Register Web Development & CodingTBDJul 27Jul 309:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register DC/Marvel Comic Movie MakingLakeaires ElementaryJul 27Jul 2910:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Intro to Coding with Super HeroesPlymouth MiddleJul 27Jul 3110:00am11:30am6th-9th
Register Mobile Game Development for IOS & AndroidOak Point ElementaryJul 27Jul 3010:00am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Video Game Design: Nintendo CharactersOlson MiddleJul 27Jul 3110:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register VEX Robotics: Engineering and CodingTech AcademyJul 27Jul 3010:45am12:15pm1st-5th
Register Video Game DesignPlymouth MiddleJul 27Jul 3112:30pm2:00pm6th-9th
Register Robotic Construction: Movers & ShakersTBDJul 27Jul 301:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Virtual Reality Development with Oculus RiftOlson MiddleJul 27Jul 311:30pm3:30pm3rd-7th
Register Junior Engineering: Theme ParksEisenhower ElementaryJul 27Jul 302:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Motorized Engineering: Forces & LeversOak Point ElementaryJul 27Jul 302:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Video Game Coding: Super MarioStillwater Junior HighJul 27Jul 302:00pm4:00pm4th-7th
Register Video Game Design: Nintendo CharactersOneka ElementaryJul 27Jul 292:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register STEAM Makerspace for GirlsTBDJul 31Jul 319:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Coming Soon Crazy EngineeringTBDJul 31Jul 2010:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register Elementary Engineering - Wheels and GearsBloomington Community Ed CampusJul 31Jul 3110:00am11:00am4-6yrs

August Courses:

Registration Class Name Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & GearsMeadow Ridge ElementaryAug 3Aug 69:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotic Construction: Movers & ShakersOak Point ElementaryAug 3Aug 610:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Coming Soon Robotic Construction: Movers & ShakersShoreview Community CenterAug 3Aug 610:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register VEX Robotics: Engineering and CodingOlson MiddleAug 3Aug 710:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Video Game DesignFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 3Aug 610:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Video Game MakerScenic Heights ElementaryAug 3Aug 610:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Video Game MakerPlymouth MiddleAug 3Aug 710:30am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Junior Engineering: Wheels & GearsPlymouth MiddleAug 3Aug 71:00pm2:30pm6th-9th
Register Robotic Builders: Sports & AdventureTBDAug 3Aug 71:30pm3:30pm4th-7th
Register DC/Marvel Comic Movie MakingOak Point ElementaryAug 3Aug 62:00pm4:00pmK-4th
Register Robotic Construction: Movers & ShakersScenic Heights ElementaryAug 3Aug 62:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Unreal Game Engine DevelopmentFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 3Aug 62:00pm4:00pm5th-9th
Register Elementary Engineering - Wheels and GearsTBDAug 7Aug 79:00am11:00am4-6YRS
Register Crazy EngineeringFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 7Aug 710:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register Intro to Java CodingFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 10Aug 1310:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotic Builders: Robo-CodersOlson MiddleAug 10Aug 1410:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Wedo Robotic EngineeringOak Point ElementaryAug 10Aug 1310:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Robotic Construction: Movers & ShakersOlson MiddleAug 10Aug 141:30pm3:30pm2nd-6th
Register DC/Marvel Comic Movie MakingFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 10Aug 132:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & GearsOak Point ElementaryAug 10Aug 132:00pm4:00pm1st-4th
Register Crazy EngineeringBloomington Community Ed CampusAug 14Aug 1410:00am11:00am4-6yrs
Register Robotic Construction: Movers & ShakersFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 17Aug 2010:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Wedo Robotic EngineeringFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 17Aug 202:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Coming Soon STEAM Makerspace for GirlsTBDAug 21Aug 2110:00am12:00pm4-6yrs

About Our Camps

Our Technology and Science camps are hosted by local area Community Ed or Parks and Recreation Departments. You will need to register directly with them for our classes. Cost and actual grade offered at the location will vary and are set by the locations.

We offer 30 different camps in Lego Engineering, Knex Engineering, Video Game Design, Coding, Minecraft, Programming, Digital Films Making, and Lego Robotic classes throughout Minnesota. If a link for a city is not active yet, that means the class is not available for registration yet. Please check back if your city is not active yet.

Game Design & CodingGrades
3D Printing & CAD1st-5th or 4th-9th
Battle Royale Game Coding4th-6th or 5th-10th
Extreme Coding : Artificial Intelligence3rd-6th or 5th-8th
Game Modding with Unity3rd-6th or 5th-9th
Girls that Code3rd-7th
Hacking Java Games3rd-6th or 5th-9th
Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersK-3rd
Intro to Coding with Super HeroesK-3rd
Intro to Coding: Platform GamesK-3rd
Intro to Game CodingK-3rd
Intro to Java Coding4th-6th
Java Game Coding5th-9th
Kids that Code3rd-7th
Nintendo Game Coding3rd-7th
Python Coding4th-6th or 6th-9th
STEAM Makerspace for GirlsK-3rd
Scratch 3.0 Game Coding2nd-6th
Unreal Game Engine Development5th-9th
Advanced Minecraft: Command Block2nd-6th
Hacking Minecraft: Mods, Skins, and Textures3rd-8th
Java Minecraft Mod Development5th-10th
Java Minecraft Modding: Custom Armor4th-8th
Minecraft Game Designer: Dungeons3rd-6th
Multiplayer Minecraft: Map Builder1st-5th or 3rd-7th
Multiplayer Minecraft: Theme Park Builder1st-5th or 3rd-7th
Multiplayer Minecraft: World Builder1st-5th or 3rd-7th
3D Engineering: Architectural and Structural DesignK-3rd or 3rd-6th
Adv Engineering: Solar, Hydro & Wind Powered3rd-8th
Engineering: Crazy Gears and Wheels1st-6th
Engineering: Extreme Machines and Ziplines1st-6th
Junior Engineering: Theme ParksK-3rd
Master Bricklayers: Structural & Architectural Design3rd-6th
Extreme EV3 Battlebots3rd-6th or 4th-8th
Extreme Robotics: Battlebot Olympics3rd-7th
Jr. Engineering: Crazy Gears & WheelsK-3rd
Robotic Builders: Battlebots1st-6th
Robotic Builders: Gamer-bots1st-5th
Robotic Builders: Mighty MachinesK-3rd
Star Wars Robotic BuildersK-5th
Digital Film Making/Stop-MotionGrades
Digital Film Production: Special Effects4th-8th
Minecraft Movie MakingK-8th
Pokemon Movie MakingK-3rd or 3rd-6th
Star Wars Jedi Movie Making1st-8th
Video Production for YouTube4th-8th
Intro To Robotic BuildingPK-1st
Intro to BuildingPK-1st
Intro to Coding - PreschoolPK-1st
Intro to EngineeringPK-1st
Intro to RoboticsPK-1st
Intro to Structural EngineeringPK-1st