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We partner with many School Districts and Private Schools, to bring STEM Summer Camps to your community. Please click on the "register" link to register for a class and to get more information about prices.

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2023 Summer STEM Camp Schedule:

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Camp Name Location Dates Times Grades
or Ages
register Engineering: Rube Goldberg Machines Camp
Students will learn about physics and engineering concepts such as Velocity, Projectiles, Force, Motion, and more.
Plymouth Middle
Plymouth, MN
Jul 17-Jul 209:15am-11:45pm 3rd-9th
register Multiplayer Minecraft: Escape the Ender Dragon Camp
Create a world with others in multiple uniquely themed escape room adventure maps.
Plymouth Middle
Plymouth, MN
Jul 17-Jul 2012:30pm-3:00pm 3rd-5th
register Jr Engineering: Theme Parks Camp
Use engineering concepts of simple machines to build theme bark rides and machines.
Plymouth Middle
Plymouth, MN
Jul 24-Jul 279:15am-11:45pm K-2nd
register Multiplayer Minecraft: City Builder Camp
Work together to build a city in a multi-player Minecraft server with a town hall, farms, and more!
Plymouth Middle
Plymouth, MN
Jul 24-Jul 2712:30pm-3:00pm K-2nd
register Engineering: Crazy Action Contraptions Camp
Learn engineering concepts through crazy machines like a rubber band racer and balloon powered car.
Plymouth Middle
Plymouth, MN
Jul 31-Aug 39:15am-11:45am K-2nd
register Multiplayer Minecraft: Skyblock Creator Camp
Work with a team to create a floating world in Minecraft!
Plymouth Middle
Plymouth, MN
Jul 31-Aug 312:30pm-3:00pm 3rd-5th
register RC Robotics Camp
Learn about science, engineering, and technology while having FUN through hands-on projects.
TBD Aug 7-Aug 109:15am-11:45pm 6th-9th
register Video Game Design Camp
Hands-on experience developing your own game!
Plymouth Middle
Plymouth, MN
Aug 7-Aug 1012:30pm-3:00pm 6th-9th