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We partner with many School Districts and Private Schools, to bring STEM Summer Camps to your community. Please click on the "register" link to register for a class and to get more information about prices.

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2024 Summer STEM Camp Schedule:

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Camp Name Location Dates Times Grades
or Ages
register Multiplayer Minecraft: World Builder Camp
Create a world with others in four unique, themed quadrants.
  Sweeney Elem
Shakopee, MN  
  Jun 24-Jun 27    9:00am-12:00pm     1st-5th  
register Video Production for YouTube Camp
Learn how to create YouTube content!
  Sweeney Elem
Shakopee, MN  
  Jun 24-Jun 27    1:00pm-4:00pm     4th-7th  
register Engineering: Crazy Action Contraptions Camp
Learn engineering concepts through crazy machines like a rubber band racer and balloon powered car.
  Sweeney Elem
Shakopee, MN  
  Aug 5-Aug 8    9:00am-12:00pm     1st-5th  
register Extreme Robo-Games: Battlebot Olympics Camp
Be challenged to morph their projects in better, stronger and faster robots, in this robotics camp. Previously Extreme EV3 Olympics
  Sweeney Elem
Shakopee, MN  
  Aug 5-Aug 8    1:00pm-4:00pm     3rd-7th  
register Advanced Minecraft: Command Block Camp
Get ready to wire up your Minecraft worlds with Command Blocks and Redstone!
  Sweeney Elem
Shakopee, MN  
  Aug 12-Aug 15    9:00am-12:00pm     3rd-7th  
register Extreme Coding: Artificial Intelligence & Augment Reality Camp
Dive into advanced computer science topics that include artificial intelligence, and augmented reality coding.
  Sweeney Elem
Shakopee, MN  
  Aug 12-Aug 15    1:00pm-4:00pm     3rd-6th